IEI Technology Corp.(IEI), the leading industrial computing company, introduces the mobile series, including infotainment tablet PC, order entry PDA and in-vehicle computing devices.

IEI Technology Corp.(IEI), the leading industrial computing company, introduces the mobile series, meeting the trends Cloud computing and 3G networks accessibility. The mobile devices include infotainment tablet PC, order entry PDA and in-vehicle computing devices. 

Ice-ROCK series: Infotainment Tablet PC

With the easy-to-use features, such as ambient light sensor, programmable function keys, and G-Sensor, the Ice-ROCK series allows users to apply on fields of warehouse management, multimedia control center and construction site. In addition, the Ice-ROCK is powered by Intel ® Atom™ Z530P with full hardware acceleration, eliminating the need for software decoding and overloading the processor, and that is optimized for multitasking with low CPU resource utilization. 

iKarPC series: Vehicle Computer Series

The vehicle bus protocol deals with special request for data transmission reliability and quality on vehicle bus. The MCU inside iKarPC acts as a converter among these protocols. IEI currently supports three major vehicle bus protocols: OBD-II, J1939 and FMS. The OBD-II is mostly for small car diagnostics while the SAE J1939 is implemented for off-road vehicles with diesel engines and the FMS is for commercial trucks or buses. With diverse connectivity, such as WWAN 2.5G/3.5G/3.75G, A-GPS for travel navigation and path tracking, and alternative DVB-T/CMMB mobile entertainment intelligent for TV channel scan for quick program access.

MODAT-200: Order Entry PDA
The MODAT-200, built-in Windows Mobile 6.5, offers real-time information for wait staff to provide their guests with better, faster service and more information. Unlike with the traditional ordering process, the MODAT-200, the ease-of-use order entry PDA, can easily satisfy customer demands by providing real-time information which may include best offer of the day, sold out alerts, customer preference-based suggestions, bonus/gift points inquiry and membership signup. When a dish is ready, wait staff can be notified by the built-in PDA vibrator. They also can be notified of special events like happy hour or hot selling alerts via vibrator, speaker, headset, or display flash. After dining, the wait staff can use the stylus to input customer feedback and preferences as well as complete CRM through network. 

About IEI Technology Corp. 

IEI Technology Corp. is a leading industrial computer provider. IEI provides products for computer-based applications such as factory automation, computer telephony integration, networking, security, IT systems, communication base stations, medical devices and kiosks,Panel pc , Embedded pc . IEI serves industries such as national defense, police administration and transportation. IEI continues to promote its own brand of products in addition to serving ODM vertical markets with complete and professional service.


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